Products I sell:

Alter Ego USA - Specifications on the Alter Ego BASSO, babyBASSO, and Contrabbasso

Arvi Basses - Kai Johan Arvi, maker of fine double basses.

Thomas and George Martin Basses - makers of fine double basses.

Mooradian Cover Company - The best cover in the business and the only one I sell.

Barnabás Rácz - Barnabass, maker of fine instruments.

Colleagues and Mentors:

AES Fine Instruments - Arnold Schnitzer, maker of fine double basses

David Gage String Instruments - luthier

Ham Strings Music - James Ham, maker of fine instruments.

Lynn Hannings Bows - bow maker and teacher

George Rubino Bows - bow maker and teacher

Gary Karr - virtuoso double bassist

Nick Lloyd - maker of fine double basses

Robert Peterson - Double Bass pedagogue and a teacher of the Rabbath Technique.

University of New Hampshire's Violin Craftsmanship Institute


International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

Bob Gollihur's Upright Bass Links

New Jersey Capital Philharmonic

Please consider joining this wonderful organization -

International Society of Bassists