Vincenzo Panormo 1810


Vincenzo Panormo

London, England, 1810

String Length 42 1/2 "
Body Length 44 5/8 "
Rib Depth 9 1/8 "
Upper Bout 21 1/4 "
Middle Bout 15"
Lower Bout 26 5/8 "

This may be one of the finest Panormos (as well as one of the finest basses) I have seen or played. Considered by many to be the "Strad" of double bass makers, Vincenzo Panormo is credited with bringing Cremonese style and proportion to England and influencing subsequent makers of the double bass. This bass was featured in an article by Thomas Martin and Martin Lawrence that appeared in the October 1996 issue of "The Strad". The instrument has a tremendous amount of power and projection in all registers.

When John Lott Jr. removed the top in 1840 to make repairs, the following was inscribed on the inside back of the instrument:

"This double bass, now the property of the Hon. G.C. Norton, was for many years in the possession of my late father, Henry Hill, and was his favourite bass during his sojourn at Saint Peters, being his for years and years. It was manufactured especially for him by old Panormo, and was, within a few years of this date, disposed of, to the late Col. Temple West of the Guards. April 16th 1840 Vincent Panormo, London 20 Regent Street - Frederick Hill"