E.M. Pöllmann, 1969, 3/4 Busetto Model - $20,000

ex Tyrone Brown

Tyrone Brown is a well known bassist and composer. He has played and recorded with many legendary musicians such as Max Roach, Grover Washington Jr., Pat Martino, and others. This is Mr. Brown's Pollmann bass and it can be heard on many of the recordings he has made with these artists. The instrument has a lush depth of sound with a strong fundamental and good projection. It has a 40.5" string length and comes with a Realist pickup and a padded bag. You can hear it on Gary Karr and Tyrone Brown's latest CD "Bass Brothers". It is available at the ISB and Lemur Music. A copy of the CD will come with the bass.

Here is what Tyrone has to say about his bass:

I will forever be indebted to

Charles Mingus and Gary Karr for their inspiration to study the Big Girl.
Despite being huge and having a deep throat, I've always thought of my Pollmann acoustic bass in the female gender. Plus, you have to caress her to encourage
her to sing. And sing she does. As Mingus and Karr charmed their big girls to
express the full range of their voices from gentle to sassy – from dark sweet
chocolate to smoked Dinosaur ribs – from a soft Summer breeze to a hard
Winter thunder storm – from strutting her stuff on a bowed mellow classical work,
to walking hard pizzicato on a rambunctious jazz work.
Thank you Bass Brother hero Charles Mingus.
Thank you Bass Brother hero Gary Karr.
Without your inspiration I may have never known the joyous fulfillment of
expressing my life through the voice of the Big Girl.
Thank you Ms. Pollmann for lending me your flamed Maple back and sides, body,
spruce top, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, and ebony and brass machine head.
Your three quarter body with your fancy Busetto corners was born E. M. Pollmann in Mittenwald Germany in 1969 with no expiration date. So you'll be around to make others happy too long after I'm gone. Like most great singers your sound will continue to improve as you age. Fortunately, I was able to document your lovely
voice on recordings, and in my memory. Thanks again for the journey.....

Peace, Bass & Music ~ Tyrone W. Brown


The day I had the honor of discovering and purchasing you in that small Luthier
shop on Bridge Street in Philadelphia, PA, is still vivid in my memory.
The Luthier told me he once owned the official document of your birth, and
that your parents (Father and Mother) were cut out of trees and preserved
for fifty years before you were shaped into the Big Beautiful Girl you became.

From the CD "Bass Brothers"

Cloud Flowers (formations in the sky)

Fine out more about Tyrone Brown on his web site - http://dreamboxmedia.com/tyronebrown.htm

Here are a couple of Youtube clips with Tyrone and his bass:

Tyrone Brown Trio

with Jimmy Bruno on guitar

Bass Brothers - Gary Karr and Tyrone Brown